Wednesday, July 18, 2012

doily banner

Bunting and banners are very popular trends right now, and they’re great for adding whimsical, fun, and/or feminine touches to any room or party. I saw several ideas on Pinterest using different mediums. One of my favorites used old handkerchiefs, so I immediately started gathering ones I had and collecting others. I found some, but there weren’t enough to fill the space that I needed. As I was organizing my office/studio, my pile of doilies grew larger and larger, and I thought they would be a great alternative for my banner.

Most of these doilies were given to me by my grandma. She made the majority of them, but some of them were given to her. As I look at the banner, I think of all of the work and detail that went into each and every one of the doilies, and I cherish them.

The great thing about banners is that you can use just about anything to create a custom look for your room or party. If you don’t have doilies, you could use scarves, fabric napkins, fabric pieces, paper, and the list goes on. Be creative, and have fun!